Content Prioritization Audit

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Content Prioritization Audit.  A detailed, “deep dive” assessment of your site content with recommended actions based on the content we believe will net you the most positive results.


Order this product for sites with under 400 published posts.


Please Note:  Due to the extensive hours of labor there is a no refund policy on this product.

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Need My Logins?  Nope.  We purposely do not request your Google Analytics login, website login, or other secure data.


What Data Do You Use? Your content audit is created by combining search engine data with several other public sources to give you a better understanding of how your site is performing from a search engine’s perspective.


How Long?  The audit typically takes 5 business days to complete, depending on the wait list.


Flat Fee?  If your site has under 400 published posts then you should order this content audit and if your site has more than 401 published posts then you should order the content audit for larger sites.


Testimonials?  Don’t take our word for it, here are our raving reviews.


Topics Covered?  Great question.  Here’s the purpose of the audit and at the end I added a video example using so you can see an example.

Your Content Prioritization Audit spreadsheet has four tabs:

  • 1. Editorial Calendar
  • 2. Content to Create
  • 3. Definitions
  • 4. All Data


Full Access to Bonus Content:
  • * Step-by-Step instruction for each Priority
  • * Quick Start Guide
  • * SEO Tips and Tricks
  • * Anatomy of a Blog Post Template


You’ll also receive full access to the site with over 30 how-to videos.  Not that you’ll need them.  I just wanted to over deliver to make sure each of my customers are happy and feel they can come back to the site at anytime and find the information they are looking for.


Ways To Use It?


The main purpose for the content audit is to organize all of your published content into an editorial calendar by month.  This way, you only focus on posts for the current month.


However, there are many ways you can use sort your data now that it is all in one place:


  • * Editorial Calendar for Published Posts {sort by month}
  • * Best Content by Influencers {sort by linking domains}
  • * Best Content by Readers {sort by shares}
  • * Series Post Ideas {sort by category}
  • * Roundup Post Ideas {sort by category}


These are just a few quick ways you can view your data and take out the guess work on what you should be doing with your old content for this month and what to write about next.