Hey, y’all! Welcome! I’m Laurie the founder of I Top Swap.

My mission and my passion is to help women earn money online. Passive income is my jam and I want to spread it all over. {giggle}

I believe we should all be helping each other be better, be successful. We should share what we can do, lift each other up – and we’ll all rise together.

And, friends – that’s why we are here. I want to help you grow your business using our specific skill set using a strategic growth system.

I believe that “a rising tide lifts all ships”. That by helping others succeed, we succeed. That it is eminently possible for women to be financially independent, provide and care for their families and build income and employment on their own terms.

Let me give you a tool you can use to save time and money!

~ Laurie

Please Note:   I purposely have not indexed this site because new clients are accepted exclusively on a referral basis.  Which means a previous client must recommend you to be added to our wait-list.